In January 2017 Christeli and her family started renting out a room in their house on Airbnb. The children loved the new faces and we loved entertaining them. After careful consideration we decided to open up a few cottages on the beautiful family farms, Bourgogne & Montagne, in Franschhoek.

Since April 2017 Royal Gala Cottage have been in full operation. In October 2017 Songold cottage opened up (It was closed during Lockdown in June 2020). Then the 3 very popular and trendy plum cottages opened up in December 2017.  The Sunkiss, Ruby Sun and African Delight Cottages. All of these are the names of plums that we grow on the farm. Our latest adventure is the Sonskyn Villa. Best family home in town.

We love the farm life and everything that goes with it. The open spaces, big gardens, the dams with the photo finish backgrounds, the endless plum orchards and the camaraderie is what makes the farms special. The mighty mountains that surrounds us, keeps us humble and is a reminder of the favour and protection we receive everyday. We would love to share this with people visiting Franschhoek and South Africa from all over the world.

Our main focus is to make the farm cottages as comfortable and stylish as possible. This gives our guests the best of both worlds. Luxury in nature with a touch of countryside living. Its where comfort meets farm living.

Both Montagne and Bourgogne have beautiful dams. The views from there are spectacular and both dams are walking distance from the cottages. Be sure to take a walk just before sunset.

The cottages all have patio's with braai facilities. The patio's are private, not shared. 

The cottages are spotless clean with beautiful decor. Please go to the Cottages page to view the photo's that proves our worth.

the farm

Bourgogne and Montagne are the 2 farms that the cottages are on. Montagne is a big one right at the foot of the mountains. Bourgogne is the original family farm that has been in the family for over 150 years. 

We mainly grow plums, but have a few apple and naartjie orchards as well. Both farms have beautiful dams with spectacular views, especially during sunrise and sunset. 


Bourgogne is a 11 hectar farm with a gorgeous dam, lots of plums and the La Bourgogne deli is also there. Montagne has 31 hectars of plums, apples and naartjies. You can easily do a 5km jog on the farm. Bourgogne is 1km out of town and Montagne 3km. Both farms are dependend on the dam and boreholes for water. Only prayer keeps them full and we are very thankful for that.


Exploring around the farm

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Bourgogne, Excelsior Road, Franschhoek, 7690, South Africa

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TEL: +27-82-459-4591   

E-MAIL:  ffcottages@gmail.com

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